5 Reasons Why I Love to Cruise

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or celebrating a special occasion, a cruise is undoubtedly the best way to spend your holiday. Instead of booking separate reservations for your hotel, hire car, entertainment and meals, you’ll get immediate access to everything you need with a single ticket. Check out the five best reasons to go on a cruise.

Opportunity to Visit New Places

Cruise ships take you to exotic and faraway lands that you might not visit otherwise. On many cruises, you’ll also get to see multiple locales while still enjoying the convenience of a single trip plan. Whether you’re interested in the exotic beaches of South America, the ancient history of Egypt or the beautiful natural landscape of Alaska, you’ll love exploring the world from such a luxurious vantage point. Thomson offers a wide selection of cruise spots all around the world, and your travel agent can help you pick the perfect vacation package.

Mingle and Make New Friends

When you holiday on land, you probably spend most of your time visiting local spots with your travel companions. On a cruise, you’ll have the chance to engage in activities with everyone else on board. The cruise ship is a great place to mingle with other travellers and make new friends. With plenty of activities to choose from, it’s easy to find new people who share your interests. By the end of the trip, you could even have some new holiday partners for your next cruise.

Savor Delicious Drinks and Fabulous Food

From leisurely brunches to midnight buffets, dining options abound on board. You’ll enjoy a savory selection of meals and drink specials all throughout the day. Whether you prefer a casual supper or a formal dinner, there’s an option for every mood. Treat yourself to exotic ingredients and first-class meals prepared fresh each day. After dinner, stop by one of the ship’s bars for a relaxing cocktail and time with friends.

Something Different Every Day

While you can create a routine for yourself on the ship, most people prefer to enjoy a little variety each day. You’re on holiday and you deserve the chance to pamper yourself with whatever sounds best. Stay out dancing until the early morning hours and then sleep in until lunchtime. The next night, turn in early and get up to watch the sun rise over the horizon. Every day is up to you.

Stay Entertained on Board

Throughout the day, there are plenty of activities going on aboard the cruise ship to keep you entertained. You can compete in group games like shuffleboard and bingo or participate in the cruise ship talent show. Watch live performers or spend the day relaxing with a magazine on deck. In the evenings, attend a formal ball or hang out in the pool with your special someone. Between the beautiful backdrop of the ocean and the exciting options available on the ship, you’ll never get bored while you’re on board a cruise.

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