A Weekend In Rome

From human genius to architecture, history to ancient civilisation, Rome is one of the world’s most thrilling cities. Not only does it offer the world a detailed and diverse artistic history, but so many of the world’s greatest minds have either come from Rome or passed across it’s spectacular ancient plains. If you’re thinking about taking a vacation to Rome in the New Year, there are numerous sights you simply can’t afford to miss, but it’s the humbling atmosphere the city expels which makes it so enthralling. To get you started in the city, here’s a guide on how to have a fantastic weekend in Rome.

The Old Masters of the Capitoline

The Capitoline Museums are the most famous and iconic in Rome, and a certainly must-visit when touring the city. Rome gave birth to masters of the arts such as Michelangelo, and tourists will be able to admire many of his works at the Capitoline, along with other masterpieces from centuries past. The museums combined are the oldest public galleries on earth, with the public first viewing the collections in 1734. From painting by Tintoretto and Titian to sculptures wonderfully crafted by Bernini, particular highlights include the Borghese Gallery.

The Colosseum

There is no other monument in Rome of epic proportions than the Colosseum. From gladiators to prisoners, slaves to dangerous animals, battle after battle was fought here, with thousands of people dying and many more watching from the stands up in the sky. Dating back to 72 AD, the Colosseum was centre of entertainment in Rome, and with a capacity of over 50,000, people travelled from all over Italy to marvel at its walls. A tour of this wonderful and historic structure is really worth the price of the ticket, and you can even pay a little more for a personalised tour, or a audio tour.

The Gardens of the Villa Borghese

Rome can be a little overwhelming, just like any other of Europe’s capitals. So when all the crowds, car horns and queues get too much, why not take a relaxing stroll through the Gardens of the Villa Borghese, one of the most peaceful places in the city. Popular with joggers and pleasure seekers, these gardens are as tranquil as they come, with a contemporary art museum and water features to add to the wonder of the lush green landscape. If you’re travelling to Rome with your loved one, why not make their day with a picnic, watching the horseback tours of the park as you relax in the memorable Rome sunshine.

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!

Many restaurants claim to bake the best pizzas in the world, but the ones in Rome actually do! Rome is the home of pizza pies, as well as many other cuisines you would associate with the Italian capital, and you could easily spend a day going from restaurant to street vendor, sampling slices and coming to your own culinary conclusions. Be warned that the pizza stands near the tourist attractions will be very expensive, so for cheaper prices and better pizza, head to the suburbs!

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