Some Interesting Things to Do In and Around Reading

Did you know that the Thames is indeed the most famous river of the UK? It is also the longest river of London and is also known as River ISIS or the Old Father Thames! If the calling to stroll by this historic stretch of blue is indeed irresistible, you will need to choose your accommodation at one of the serviced apartments in Reading which is near Reading station, for easy access. These apartments are also near the Oracle Shopping Centre, Oracle Business Park, Green Park in Reading and Reading Hospital. Some of the most interesting activities you can access from here have been listed below.

Activities You Can Enjoy When in Reading

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Some of the places you can head to once you check in here include:

  • The Hexagon: If you are specifically interested in architectural forms from yesteryears, this is the place to head to. The Hexagon showcases spectacular architectural finesse from the 1970s. This is venue that is utilized for sporting events such as snooker, theatre, music, pantomime and for shooting TV dramas. It’s a six sided building and hence gets its name.
  • The Infamous Gaol: Reading is also known for its infamous Gaol. It was here that Oscar Wilde was imprisoned for indulging in homosexual practices, way back in 1897. It is from here that he wrote “The Ballad of Reading Gaol”. Reading is home to some of the finest museums you can come across in London. Head to the Museum of English Rural Life, Museum of Reading and the Ure Museum at the Reading University. These trips are likely to be immensely informative.
  • Walking along the Thames River: With the iconic River close by, not enjoying a walk by its glorious banks is sacrilege. You can walk down the Caversham Road and enjoy the glorious sunset. You will also see many rowers moving up and down the river. Boathouses can also be found close by. And of course there are these swans which are serene and divine. You can even feed them if you wish. If you have young children with you, make sure you keep safe distance! A stroll by the river also provides excellent photo opportunities. So, make sure you carry your camera.
  • The Pendon Museum: If you are fond of the English countryside and the views it offers, head to the Pendon Museum. You will find miniature captures of the ethereal beauty of the countryside. Realistically modeled farms, fields, cottages and lanes can be found here. Most of the work here is done by volunteers and the sheer finesse would mesmerize you. The Pendon museum makes for an ideal day trip for you and your family.

There are some truly exciting and fun things on offer once you check into a cost effective serviced apartment in Reading. Just make sure you plan your options in such a way so that no time is wasted in exploring them.

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