Take a Skiing Break to Austria

Of all the ski destinations on the planet, there is nowhere quite like Austria. This magical land is full of people that are in love with the sport of skiing. And they have taken this love and created some of the most magnificent ski resorts and runs in the world. Best of all, it’s just a short flight from the UK and there is no shortage of direct flights to choose from. Here are all the reasons that make skiing in Austria some of the best in the world.

The National Sport

One of the main reasons that skiing in Austria is so pleasurable is that it is the national sport of the country. For more than a hundred years they have been perfecting the art of enjoying racing down the mountains. They have had so much practice at it that they are now the world’s experts at creating ski resorts, which appeal to a wide range of travellers. No matter if you are a budget traveller, high roller or somewhere in between, there will be a ski resort in Austria that caters to your needs.

Fantastic Weather

Of course, it has to be cold to make for good skiing. But Austria is the kind of place that gets just cold enough for snow, but not so cold that it is miserable to be out in it. The winds rarely blow, so wind chill is not really a major factor to worry about. The temperature during the winter is just a shade under freezing so that the snow falls and doesn’t melt, but the mercury in the thermometer rarely drops low enough to make it uncomfortable. For these reasons, few countries offer a better climate for skiing than Austria.

Great Deals

There are some awesome deals on ski holidays in Austria. Because this country is so crazy for skiing, there are lots of ski resorts from which to choose when planning a trip. It usually doesn’t take long to find a few Austrian ski resorts offering some incredible deals. If you’re looking to compare prices, click here for pricing on a range of accommodation, flights and transfers to your chosen resort.

Vertical Drop that Doesn’t Stop

One of the most important things about ski any run is how much vertical drop they have. This is one of the many ways that Austria shames most of the other ski destinations on the planet. The vertical drop is the difference in elevation between the top of the lift and the end of the run. There are many runs in Austria where this vertical drop is over a mile. Bigger vertical drops mean longer runs, more time on the mountain and less time on the lifts.

The Most Charming Mountain Resorts in the World

Even though the skiing in Austria is always world-class, life after skiing can be even more fun. Austrians are very warm and welcoming people, and their resort towns do a great job of making visitors feel at home with high quality amenities, great night life and very comfortable accommodation. Walking through a picturesque Austrian mountain village is like having a little slice of heaven on Earth.

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