Things to Consider Before You Say I Do


“When marrying, ask yourself this question: Do you believe that you will be able to converse well with this person into your old age? Everything else in marriage is transitory.”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Your life turns upside down with the idea of marriage; whether the change is for good or bad boils down to that one person you have decided to spend the rest of your life with.

Only when you are sure that you’ve chosen the right life partner can you start building a strong foundation to the relationship. For instance, booking your honeymoon at one of the reputed romantic hotels in London, like Eccleston Square Hotel, can give the perfect start to the marriage.

Tips to Choosing the Right Life Partner

Before you plan to kick start your wedding preparation, relax and think thoroughly about the person you are going to tie the knot with. Here are some guidelines that can help you:

  1. Financial stability and career path: It is important to analyze your financial standing individually before you plan to settle down. Look for ways each of you manage expenses, talk about investment portfolios and any debts that might be outstanding. Financial stability goes a long way in determining mental peace and stability in a relationship. Ensure that both of you have a clear career path and steady source of income.
  1. Hobbies: Shared interests create stronger bonds. Are both of you Chelsea fans or are you likely to get into a fight over a soccer match? Are there things that you enjoy doing together? One way to learn more about each other is to spend time together. One option is to plan a romantic getaway at one of the better Belgravia hotels or Westminster boutique hotels.
  1. Thoughts on starting a family: How the two of you feel about having children and by when is an important concern. Sometimes this could be a cause of disharmony, especially if both partners have very different ideas about starting a family.
  1. Compatibility and respect: The way s/he treats you when you aren’t at your best or in a bad mood can tell you how they will deal with tough situations in life. Check whether you feel comfortable in their presence when the situation gets bad.
  1. Priorities in life: Sometimes even two good people cannot make a successful relationship because of different priorities in life. If you consider ‘family time’ a priority while your partner gets turned on with an ‘ambitious outstation project’ and heads for the London passport office at the least excuse, you might consider heading in the opposite direction for now!
  1. Interactions with your family members: Marriage is not just the union of two people; it also binds two families together. So, make sure each of you is comfortable spending time with the other’s family. You could even plan time together near Hyde Park or near Sloane Square to get to know each other better.

It makes sense to know the person really well before you say “I do.” After that, make sure you work on your relationship every day and spice things up with regular getaways to romantic hotels in London.

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  1. Tickets promo May 23, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    Häftigt att du vågar beskriver hur det faktiskt är -man har svårt att ha karaktär man är gravid . Andra begär tar över. Jag känner igen mig. Precis som efter din tidigare graviditet så kommer du gå ner efter denna.


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