Things to Do in and around Gatwick Airport


Did you know that Ho Chi Minh, Sigmund Freud, Mahatma Gandhi, Karl Marx, Edgar Allan Poe and Vincent Van Gogh, have all lived in London at some point in their lives? No wonder it has been named as one of the greatest cities of the world! If you are planning a visit to London, staying at a Gatwick Airport hotel will give you easy access to the city of London and to some of the mesmerizing countryside locales as well! Some of these hotels near Gatwick Airport also provide “park and fly” facilities! You can park your vehicle at one such Gatwick Airport Accommodation and fly out of the city from the airport nearby. Your vehicle remains in safe hands!

Start with Some Retail Therapy

Once you have secured bookings at one of the Gatwick Airport Hotels like Holiday Inn Express Gatwick Crawley,the best way to begin your trip is by indulging in serious retail therapy. There is the County Mall Shopping Centre close by. It comprises of 97 shops, including stores of top brands like Boots, Debenhams and Virgin. You can also try out one of restaurants here. There is Costa Coffee, Burger King, O’Briens and Café Giardino for satiating your taste buds. The shopping centre provides ample parking space with easy car park, clean toilets, baby changing rooms and cash machines. It is perfect to plan a day out here. If you have chosen one of the hotels near Surrey & Sussex Crematorium, the shopping centre is at an arm’s length.

Other Lively Destinations to Explore

Other interesting destinations that lie close to hotels that offer bed and breakfasts at Gatwick Airport include:

  • The Hawth Theatre: This place is owned and managed by the Crawley Borough Council and should always be visited by the connoisseur of art and culture. The venue is a lively one hosting a fine mix of comedy, concerts, theatre, dance, music, film and exhibitions.
  • The Gatwick Aviation Museum: If you are interested in aircraft models, visiting the aviation museum here will be nothing short of a treat. You will find a unique collection of British Aircraft, including Avro, Fairey. Percival, English Electric, Hawker and Blackburn. You can even head to this place with your kids. They are likely to remain in awe!
  • The Crawley Museum Centre: This small place is situated in the picturesque Goffs Park. It houses a unique collection which illustrates the history of Crawley right from Bronze Age to the present day.
  • The Lingfield Park Racecourse: The Lingfield Park Racecourse is a prestigious venue for a Derby trial. It is situated in the midst of the picturesque countryside of Surrey. You can enjoy a unique blend of National Hunt Racing, All Weather Racing and Flat Racing.

Other interesting places to access from the Gatwick Airport hotels include the K2 Leisure Centre Crawley and the famous Crawley Town Football Club. Considering that London provides several tourism options worth exploring, it is important to plan your trip impeccably for perfect utilization of time. All your tour bookings should be ideally done in advance.

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