Writer Lewis Shepherd Explains Why He Thinks the UK Has Just as Much to Offer

The fact of the matter is that us Brits tend to forget the things that are on our very own doorstep. The Olympics showed the world that the UK is filled with culture, history and simply amazing places to visit

It seems that one of the most common things that people around the world want to do is travel, whether you’re a 16-year-old just finishing school or a student who’s just finished years of studying at University and now feel the need to travel the world.

Many people get the opportunity to do this, but there are many more who don’t quite reach their goals of embracing the beauty that covers all the corners of the globe. Many reach an age and feel that the opportunity to see everything they’ve always wanted to see has slipped through their fingers and now they’ll never get this opportunity again.

There are many reasons why people feel this happens, such as life getting in the way, working hard towards a career or even starting a family. But one of the most commons reasons, or in some cases excuses for this opportunity passing them by is the lack of money.

The truth of the matter is that to travel across the world from continent to continent and city to city does cost a vast amount of cold hard cash. If you were looking at doing a 15-day trip on a western American adventure tour you could be looking at close to £3,000, and as we all know, finding that type of money isn’t easy.

But if you’re one of these people who want to visit the whole world, the cost of flights, hotels, buses and general living expenses can cost some people up to more than £20,000, which can take a long time to save and with life jumping up and getting in your way at the most inappropriate moments, sometimes it just never happens.

But what many people living in the UK forget is that while they’re planning or fantasizing about their trips to explore Canada, America, Australia or India there are just as many people around the world planning their trip to the UK to see what we have to offer.

The fact of the matter is that us Brits tend to forget the things that are on our very own doorstep, and with the Olympics showing the world that the UK is filled with culture, history and simply amazing places to visit and see, maybe its time we stopped complaining about not seeing the world and opened our eyes and observed what’s right in front of us.

For a start we have one thing that many countries don’t have and that’s a royal family. Millions of people flock to Great Britain every year to bask in this knowledge, but how many out there have made the trip to look at Buckingham Palace or all the other beautiful palaces that come with the royals? And I don’t just mean on the TV.

Of course if this doesn’t make you want to jump on the next train to London the UK has a massive history when it comes to Kings and Queens and royal families in general, and there are a plethora of castles dotted around the England, Scotland and Wales just waiting for you to explore and discover more about the history of our country.

We are also surrounded by a wealth of culture, if you were visiting New York City I’m sure many would run with anticipation to look at the glitz and glamour of Broadway, but have you taken the time to look at the London’s West End in this way? Where many stage productions transfer to the Broadway stage and there are hundreds, if not thousands of museums and art galleries, many of which are free, for you to invest time in.

And lets not forget some of our great sights to behold like Stonehenge or Big Ben or the Eden Project. Many would have heard of these or would have seen a picture in a magazine, but how many have actually seen them?

As you can tell the UK has a wealth of things to do and many places to travel and look at. So next time you’re pondering the thought of jetting off somewhere to explore, just take a moment and think about all those great sights you’ve looked past and take a moment to consider them too.

About Lewis Shepherd

Lewis Shepherd is a freelance writer originally from South Wales who currently resides in the North of England following the completion of his journalism degree last year. He has had work published online and in magazines and newspapers covering a variety of different topics such as film, television, music, LGBT rights, travel, health, technology and gaming.

Photos by laszlo-photo & dave-pemcoastphotos.com

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