A Guide for Hostel Owners: The Perfect Bedroom

There are plenty of ways to make a stay in a hostel a good one, starting with the rooms. If you find you have uncomfortable customers, this guide will give you a list of affordable, luxury things to try for your hostel’s bedrooms. These also work with any bedroom at home.

Mattresses and Pillows

One of the most fundamental elements of a comfortable bed are the mattress and pillows. While a comfortable mattress is quite an expensive investment, it will have greater long-term effects. Higher quality means they will last longer and you will definitely have happier, well-rested customers.

The same applies to pillows. Thicker, fluffier pillows will make the perfect addition to a nice mattress and will guarantee no one will have aching necks and backs in the morning.

Bed Frames

Cheap, rickety bed frames are also a contributing factor to a bad night’s sleep. Even if the bed has a high quality mattress, the frame can ruin that if it’s starting to get old and cause a dip in the bed. Bedstar offer a wide range of affordable, wooden, metal and leather bed frames. Bed frames are also important for how you style the room too, which will be discussed in the next section.

Styling the Room

The overall appearance of the room is also essential to creating welcoming bedrooms. You can avoid plainness by carefully choosing the style of each piece of furniture. Of course, you won’t need to furnish each room completely as not everything is needed, but having a few things like nightstands, wardrobes or dressers and a chair. Having minimalistic, simple furniture will give the room a modern look, while patterns, floral designs and curves will give a more traditional look.


There is a lot of theory behind making colours work together, but the main thing for a hostel bedroom is to avoid too many neutral colours like white and brown. You can add some affordable little touches to the room to add some verve, like throws, blankets or rugs, while keeping those neutral colours. Colourful or patterned pillow cases and lampshades are also good places to have colour. You won’t have to repaint the walls or get new carpets, it’s the little things that can make the difference. Colours can also make the room cosier and give the room more warmth.

So, to summarise, these are the most important things to remember – more comfortable, high quality mattresses, pillows and bed frames will be better in the long run and will give you much happier customers. The style and colour of the room will give different effects and make the room more attractive. Add colour to smaller things in the room like throws, blankets, rugs, lampshades and pillow cases. Follow the steps in this guide and you are certain to put some smiles on your customers’ faces.

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