Dementia Nursing Home Haywards Heath

Dementia refers to a decline in mental ability that interferes with the person’s ability to carry on with normal daily life. There are several different types of dementia and the symptoms and progression can vary, depending on the individual patient and type of dementia. Eventually, some form of dementia care is generally required as the disease progresses.

When Care at Home is No Longer Possible

Dementia interferes with the ability for people to continue to live independently. As memory loss becomes greater, it can become impossible for the individual to be left alone for any period of time. I this case, care must be arranged, either in home care or at a nursing home. Ashton House Residential and Nursing Home is a Crawley nursing home offering dementia care.

Care Homes

Often, families find that continuing to care for a family member with dementia at home is impossible, due to work responsibilities and the high cost of private nursing care. In these stations a care home is often the best solution for the safety of the individual. Dementia requires specialized care and accommodations to ensure safety, while encouraging some level of independence, and treating the person with dignity and respect.

A Safe and Healthy Environment

The home may be arranged by the local authority or independent by the family. When making a decision about a dementia nursing home in Haywards Heath, it is important to select the right environment for a person with memory loss. People with dementia require specialized care that is more than just a bit of help with dressing and bathing. The right environment should have trained staff with specific knowledge of memory care.

The Individual Care Plan

A personalized care plan should be in place for every individual with dementia receiving care in a nursing home. The plan should address specific issues about how to best meet the person’s needs for support. Additionally, the plan should be designed to encourage and support the strengths of the individual and help them to communicate their needs.

Your loved one with dementia is an important part of your life and a human being deserving dignity and respect. When selecting a nursing home for your loved one, it is essential that the privacy, dignity, culture, and personal religious beliefs should be respected at all times. Those caring for individuals with memory loss should make every effort to understand the needs of the individual and acknowledge and honour them.

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