You can now own an Island for no more expensive than a Flat in London

Own a Private Island

Available to buy now, for no more money than London’s “narrowest house” (a shocking 99 inches wide) you can purchase your very own island located just off the west coast of Scotland. With a reduction of £100,000 it has a more attractive price of £450,000 to own your own island, an up-to-date house, luxury beaches and scenic views.
Not too far away from Sir Paul McCartney’s Scottish property, 19 acres of Gigalum Island was for sale at £550,000 – at that price it is a no brainer when you consider the isolation of the island, picturesque landscapes and Paul McCartney as your neighbour. Although, after receiving limited appeal since it has been for sale, the price was dropped by £100,000.

Own a Private Island

The island is very attractive due to the rural and inviting accommodation thanks to the captivating oceanic views – what isn’t to like? Some of the most attractive features of the island are firstly the scenery of the island, a romantic walk from the prime beach located near the lagoon guides you around the outskirts of the island – you can even see all the way to Jura, and occasionally Northern Ireland. This island is on the market for those dreaming to own their very own island on a more reasonable budget and it is affordable for those who fantasise about owning their own island.

The fresh uplifting design of the house makes the house stand out, be that as it may the use of installing high oak beams and panelling gives the house a dated feel. Every bedroom in the house has a en suite and thanks to the inventive architecture; all bedrooms have the benefit of beautiful scenery views out the bedroom window.

Own a Private Island

Believe it or not, the island still has more to offer. If your interested in animals seals are often spotted down south on the seafront by the rocks, better still otters often swim along the coast. Apparently dolphins are occasionally sighted by Scottish Fishermen attempting to catch Lobsters.

If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life this opportunity may not be suited to yourself. In order to commute to the mainland you have to travel across the ocean in a boat to Gigha, the next island with a miniscule population of 110, the excursion only takes two short hours by boat… although it will be faster if you possess a helicopter.

Own a Private Island

For no extra cost, you can purchase an apartment that has three bedrooms situated in Edinburgh’s exclusive Merchiston. Maybe at a push a minute flat. Nevertheless, if picturesque landscapes are your cup of tea, this ticks all the boxes.

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