Awesome UK Road Trips

If a short backpacking trip around the UK is on your agenda, chances are you probably won’t have access to a car. Well we can recommend trying to get ahold of one any way you can – rent, borrow… ok, maybe don’t steal one – because the UK is a great place for a road trip. Enterprise makes a good choice if you need to rent a car.

There’s so much crammed into a relatively small space here and having your own wheels will let you explore at your own pace and choose your own destinations that you might not be able to reach by train or bus. Road tripping in the UK will open up a lot of new opportunities for you as you navigate the winding country roads stopping in small villages, check out deserted beaches, drive some beautiful mountain passes or even pick up interesting hitchhikers along the way.

Below are some of the UK’s finest road trips. Check them out and hit the road!

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