Tips to Organize a Successful Seminar in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a favourite destination for literature lovers, art-fanatics and business professionals. It is a great place for organising seminars. If you are planning to hold a business seminar, the preparation should be perfect. Ideally, you should spend half your time in researching and planning, while another half should be spend in implementing the plan. You can start by selecting a premium business hotel in Edinburgh like Piries Hotel Central Edinburgh.


Organising the event in a prime location enables your guests to reach there, conveniently. You can even plan a weekend break in Edinburgh for your guests, because there are a number of tourist attractions around this region.

7 Tips for Conducting an Effective Seminar

Here are some useful tips to make your symposium is a hit.

  1. Budget Allocation: Get started by preparing a rough budget for the event. Set a budget and make it a constant factor and make all other expenses variable. Make sure that you do not exceed the planned budget.
  1. Venue selection: Make sure you choose a conference venue that is well connected with Edinburgh airport and is also near Edinburgh train station. Also look for the facilities offered in the venue. You may want to check audio/visual aids, seating capacity, and size of the rooms. It is also important to check whether the venue offers hygienic and delicious foods. Remember, the locality, facility and brand of your venue create your first impression.
  1. Choosing the theme: Do a thorough market research and decide on the topics to be discussed. In order to make your seminar a success, you should choose interesting topics that would spark interests in your audience.
  1. Deciding the speakers: Once you have finalized the topics, look for professionals who know length and breadth of the subject. Reputed speakers add credibility to your event. You can also collect feedback of the speakers to decide better.
  1. Vendor selection: List down the services that you will require for your seminar, such as, audio-visual aid, catering services, hospitality services. Check with you vendor whether they have experience in providing these services. Ideally, you should select a vendor who has great market reputation and who is available at a competitive price.
  1. Arrangements for guest: Depending upon the number of guests invited in the seminar, look for a venue that would accommodate all your guests. Some business hotels in Edinburgh provide conference venues for cheap. It is always a good idea to choose a hotel or venue that offers parking facility.
  1. Recreational option: You can also arrange for free or paid Short breaks in Edinburgh in case you have a long symposium extending up to 3-5 days. If there are some Rugby enthusiasts in the guest list, you can plan a visit to Murrayfield Stadium. If your guests are coming with family and kids, a trip to Edinburgh Zoo can be exciting.

Finally, do not forget to collect feedback and let your guest guide you to the theme of next seminar by stating what all they would like to hear from you. Incorporate their suggestions and improve.

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